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Inspire Your Team. Start Their Day Off Right!

Written by Lars Hedenborg on July 24, 2017

How do you get things going in the morning? Inspire your team by kicking the day off with a huddle!

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For maximum inspiration, here’s how your morning huddle should go:

  • Start at times off the hour like 7:36 or 8:04. More people will show up on time. (This works for other kinds of meetings too!)
  • The number of people affect the length of the huddle, so limit the number of people to seven.
  • If you’re team is more than seven, break it up!
  • Everyone who’s involved in that team’s focus should be there. If there are cross-over folks, they get double inspiration, because they go to two!
  • Optimum time range? Keep it short at 5-15 minutes.
  • Choose a leader at random to keep the team on their toes.
  • In-person is best, but a conference call works too!

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