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Who’s Responsible For What in Contract to Closing?

Written by Lars Hedenborg on August 8, 2017

When it comes time to take your buyer from contract to closing, who’s responsible for what? When you have a buyer closing coordinator, what does your buyer agent do? You know how important the contract-to-closing system is, and just as important, is a clear division of labor within that process.

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Contract Closing Responsibilities

The buyer agent is responsible for getting the buyer closing coordinator everything they need. They’re in charge of negotiating repairs, shepherding the financing process for the buyer and handling any appraisal issues. The buyer agent must also provide the buyer with copies of any HOA covenants and restrictions. And, don’t forget! They need to send a thank you within 24 hours of closing.

Our buyer client care coordinator handles only closings, so their focus is never split. Their job starts when they receive the contract. The buyer closing coordinator reviews paperwork, makes sure everyone involved has the forms, contracts and information they need when they need it. A scheduled series of helpful e-mails should go out to the client at set points in the process. And the whole process ends with a client satisfaction survey.

World-class customer service is the goal. I know you want a 10/10 on that client satisfaction survey. Knowing who’s responsible for what when you’re taking a buyer from contract to closing is one of the most important final steps to reaching that goal.

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