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One Simple Tool That Could Give You a 20x ROI

Written by Lars Hedenborg on August 10, 2017

This isn’t a magical new software or a ridiculous advertising campaign; this isn’t even something you need to pay for. I am talking about one thing you have access to right now that could revolutionize your business. So, what is the one simple tool that could give you 20x ROI as a Realtor?

I’m talking about your database.

More often than not our database sits idle while we make endless prospecting calls and miss out on yet another family dinner to go “meet this new potential listing.”

Your database is a treasure chest full of people who already know, like and potentially trust you. What would it take to double your database on referrals alone? Probably a lot less than you think.

At Real Estate B School we train all of our members on the 60-touch system getting most members ten new leads per week, every week.

Sound impossible? Here are a few easy ways to add ten new people to your database or Sphere of Influence (SOI) this week:

Ask For Referrals

This is so much easier than you think. The average American has over 11 homes in their lifetime, which would average out to be one move every 4.2 years once a person turns 18. Which means, someone in your database knows someone looks to buy or sell a home, you just need their contact information.

Attend National and Local Events

we are all familiar with how networking works on the local level, but national events could be just as beneficial. Look for opportunities to grow your skills and meet with other agents from around the country who might be able to refer clients to you, or exchange great ideas that are working in markets across the U.S. Looking for an event to join this fall? Join us in Colorado Springs October 2 – 3 for our Real Estate B-School Live Intensive Workshop.

Watch this Video

Below I am discussing our 60-touch system and how it has helped agents grow their real estate business with much less effort than you might imagine.

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