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Do You Know What’s Most Important in Contract to Closing?

Written by Lars Hedenborg on August 15, 2017

From the start of your contract process to the finish, you need to take the right steps and observe best practices. But do you know what’s most important in contract to closing? Communication, communication, communication. Whatever system you use, make it abundant with communication.

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What’s Most Important in Contract to Closing?

Clients crave communication above all else, so keep them informed and in the loop with calls, voice messages and e-mail. Build everything into your CRM tool. Automation keeps you on target and relieves you from focusing too much on the mundane. Let your system govern your closing plans as well, and you’ll be on the path to providing world-class customer service.

Finally: Have a follow-up plan in place! Just because the contract is finished doesn’t mean your job is! Consider the lifetime value of your clients and regard the relationship as having the permanence of family. You never know who a client knows, and you should always be on the lookout for referrals.

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