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How To Use Your Listing Care Coordinator

Written by Lars Hedenborg on August 22, 2017

On the listing side, systems and communication are important, but so is a personal touch and moving quickly with confidence. But what you do even before you get the listing communicates your level of professionalism to your sellers. That’s where your listing care coordinator comes in. That position is designed to help establish seller confidence in you and make sure the listing process is smooth.

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Using Your Listing Care Coordinator

As with everything we do, the system is well-defined.  A completed Seller Information Sheet Update and a booked appointment triggers your listing care coordinator to action to start building the seller file and sends a welcome gift. (We send brownies!) And at this point, the listing partner calls the seller just to touch base, but with the pretense of getting any info that might be missing from the Seller Information Sheet.

At the listing appointment, set expectations for the seller and let them know what your listing care coordinator will be handling.

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