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My Million Dollar 60-Touch System

Written by Lars Hedenborg on August 22, 2017

If you’re like me, you hate networking.

I’ve never been any good at networking because I always focused on quality over quantity. While this meant my list was never bigger than everyone else’s, it did mean that I had to find a way to connect with my network in a more authentic way to stand out from the crowd.

That’s when I created the 60-touch system. This system gives you 60 automated touches that can provide real value to you and your prospecting list giving you more conversions with fewer prospects.

This system has made me millions of dollars in GCI, and it can help you too. That’s why I call it my million dollar 60-touch system.

Throughout the year I have set up 60 points of contact for each person in my list. The goal of each piece of content is to provide real value and not ask for anything in return. So as you’re creating each of these pieces, it’s important that you keep in mind that you’re not asking them what their plans are for the next few years, or what their occupation is. Instead, you’re providing real value to real members of your community.

I’ve detailed out each of the steps in the video below. It’s only a few minutes long, but it’s jam-packed full of valuable steps that will allow you to start implementing these steps before the day is over.

Educational Videos (24 Touches)

Twice per month, we send really high-quality content related to buying or selling that might benefit your list. For example, we might discuss how to stage your home for sale or the best seasons to sell your home. We try hard to make sure this content doesn’t come off too much like a sales pitch, so we also introduce interviews with local business owners or tours of local attractions, so it’s beneficial to the community even if they aren’t buying or selling at the moment.

Newsletter (12 Touches)

Each month we send out a newsletter postcard to all of our contacts. This newsletter can be a just listed, just sold, spring cleaning tips or even just a holiday greeting. The goal is to keep you top of mind. Design can sometimes be a challenge, so at Real Estate B-School we have given access to our members to some of our most successful mail out templates.

Market Snapshot (12 Touches)

The next thing we always make sure to send is a targeted market snapshot to members on our list. The data we send out is always specific to the market in which their home is located. For example, we include active homes, homes under contract, and recently sold homes in their neighborhood.

Client Events (6 Touches)

Throughout the year we put on two client events. This can be the movie or a fireworks show or anything that your list of clients might find fun or exciting in your local community. For each event, we send out two postcards and one call to tell them about the event and invite them personally to attend. Altogether that is six touches.

Giveaways (6 Touches)

Giveaways are one of the most popular things we do for our list of prospects. Around Thanksgiving each year we do a pie giveaway, and around Valentines, we do a chocolate giveaway. For each of these, we also do two postcards and one phone call asking them to enter. The winner then comes to our office, and we always get a great photo to share on social media.

Have you been keeping count? In total that is 60 Touches for the year. 60 times that you will remind your prospect that you exist and that you provide great value too, not just your client, but the community at large.

The greatest part about all of this? All the content is built into a marketing calendar, so it happens if I am directly involved it or not.


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