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Are You Just an Average Real Estate Agent?

Written by Lars Hedenborg on August 29, 2017

Do your buyer clients believe they know more than you? If they’re like most clients nowadays, they probably do. And in this situation, if you’re just an average real estate agent, your chance for success is minimal. So how do you stand out in an industry that’s changing radically?

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It’s true that information on how to buy a home is freely available to anyone who wants or needs to learn. But since the average agent delivers average service, you have the opportunity to step in with extraordinary service and distinguish yourself from them. How you help your buyers navigate the system and the experience you provide them is invaluable.

So spend time setting up systems that provide extraordinary customer service. Include buyer clients in your events and giveaways. Get them in your 60-Touch Program. Thoroughly understand your buyer client’s needs vs. wants, and make your clients feel how important they are to you.

If the average agent delivers average service, you need to be exceptional.

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