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An Inside Perspective on The October 2017 Intensive Workshop

Written by Lars Hedenborg on September 7, 2017

You all know Stacie, our director of coaching and our resident systems and processes guru. But do you know how she got started with the Real Estate B-School Team?

The unique thing about Stacie is when she started with Real Estate B-School she was actually a client. She attended our Intensives and went through our course work, and she totally rocked it!

So, we decided to ask her to come on full time as a coach.

Stacie successfully exited her Real Estate Business and now shares her expertise with our members at Real Estate B-School.

If you’re still wondering if you should attend the October 2017 Intensive Workshop, here’s your chance to hear an inside perspective from someone who knows our program as both a client and a coach!


I'm Interested in the Workshop

I know your time is valuable, so here’s a brief overview:

The Value of each custom track happening at the event. (0:17)

We are going to have three separate tracks that are each designed to provide you and your team with actionable content to begin to make a real impact in your business after the very first session.

Who is the perfect attendee candidate? (2:39)

If you’ve been asking yourself if this event is right for you this section will give you great insight into the ideal October 2017 Intensive Workshop attendee and maybe even answer some questions you’ve had in the past.

What makes this event different than any other event you’ve attended before. (3:59)

We like to say that we are the green drink of the Real Estate Coaching business. What this means is, we believe in providing realistic and sustainable practices to give you permanent results. This event is designed to give you highly impactful and actionable content that will allow you to do exciting things like increasing your GCI and getting the time off you desperately deserve.

If you’re ready to take action, click on the banner below and get registered for the October 2017 Intensive Workshop today!

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