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How to convert buyers into raving fan clients

Written by Lars Hedenborg on September 17, 2017

This week at Real Estate B-School was all about living out our mantra, “Go deep, not wide”.

Most agents fail to fully implement a step-by-step process for systematically converting buyer prospects into loyal, raving fan clients.

In this week’s message, we learned about the Buyer Client Acquisition System and the steps you need to take so you can implement these tools into your business at a high level.

Within the Buyer Aquisition System, we discuss the formulas you’ll need to take a stranger an turn them into a buyer every time. Utilizing this system I have had clients go from only 64 sides annually to 324 sides in only three years.

In the real estate industry, we cannot practice the “build it and they will come mentality”, we must be consistent not only with our marketing tactics but also in providing the top level of care for each client or prospect who comes through our doors.

When converting any prospect into a buyer your system or process should include these key steps:
  1. Important points to bring up in a phone conversation
  2. How to book a face to face meeting
  3. Steps on Navigating your buyer consultation
  4. What key elements your buyer’s guide should include
  5. How to present your buyer’s guide
  6. How to handle objections

At Real Estate B-School each of our clients is given access to these and so many more tools to help them grow their business quickly and sustainably. Watch this weeks video to learn more!

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