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Are your listing systems dialed in?

Written by Lars Hedenborg on September 25, 2017

Some people view just getting listings as the Holy Grail of real estate. However too many real estate agents are not being proactive enough in their business to drive sustainable results.

But in order to build a business that helps you build a life by design, it’s important to create a systematic listing side of your business.

While last week we talked about Buyer Client Acquisition Systems, this week in our Monday call we spoke more about Seller Client Acquisition Systems.

We all want our business to be successful, but the truth is we need systems or we risk losing our business altogether.

When converting any prospect into a seller client your system or process should include these key steps:
  1. Important points to bring to your phone conversation
  2. How to record each conversation and create follow-up appointment so each prospect feels important.
  3. What to send to a prospect before a listing appointment
  4. What should you include in your listing packet
  5. What should you include in your listing presentation
  6. How to price a home properly
  7. how to provide a consistent level of service

Watch this week’s message to learn about the REBS Seller Client Acquisition System so you can acquire the true time and money freedom you’re looking for.

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