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Going Deeper on Seller Acquisition

Written by Lars Hedenborg on October 1, 2017

Last week we introduced you to the fundamental principles of our Seller Client Acquisition System.

This week we went even deeper on a few of the most critical components.

If you attend 400-500 listing appointments per year, like my team, or even if you’re taking fewer appointments, how can you guarantee that you are taking those listings 99.9%  of the time and at the right price? I’ve said it so many times in the past few weeks, but it all comes down to systems.

I’ve said it so many times in the past few weeks, but it all comes down to systems.

By examining two specific pieces of the Seller Acquisition System the Listing Presentation and the REBS Pricing Tool, we can hone in on what makes each aspect so beneficial.

The Listing Presentation

When creating your listing presentation it’s important that you include three separate components:

  1. Pricing Strategy: How will you price your new clients home? Do you have data to support your pricing decision? Use this time to educate them on how important pricing can be and why.
  2. Condition and Showability: This is another opportunity for education. Let your clients know what you expect of them while their home is on the market and how this may ultimately affect your pricing strategy.
  3. Aggressive Marketing: Describe how you stand out in your market and how you plan to provide a superior marketing strategy and system to get their home seen by more buyers.

You listing presentation can be one of your greatest assets, make sure you utilize it and have systems in place to always keep it updated.

REBS Tools:

When you are in the process of finding tools to use within your business make sure that they provide the data you need at a price that makes sense for your team.

Your tools should always have a positive ROI and help you close more deals than you could without them. Don’t get caught up in buying too many tools at once, remember to “Go Deep, Not Wide”.

Watch this week’s message to learn how to use the Listing Presentation and Market Metrics to your advantage so you can easily establish your expertise when meeting with sellers.

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