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Real Estate Business Planning for Q4

Written by Lars Hedenborg on October 13, 2017

Real estate business planning can seem like a never-ending task considering the need for continuous prospecting.

Last week I issued a challenge to you to set your 90-day goals and download our Business Freedom Planner to make a plan to achieve those goals.

I walked through step by step how to use the REBS Business Freedom Planner to make a HUGE impact on your business and this week we are taking it one step further.

This week, join our director of coaching, Stacie Peterson to discuss a few exclusive tips to help you dive further into your Q4 planning including:

  • “Get it, Want It, Capacity To Do It”
  • The Importance of Core Values
  • Additional Goal Setting Objectives
  • and more…

Click the video below to get started!

Don’t have a copy of our Business Freedom Planner? That’s okay, download your copy here!

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