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Technology Tools for Real Estate Agents: The Foundational System

Written by Lars Hedenborg on November 3, 2017

When I started my business in real estate I focused my time and energy on tools that were the most affordable for me at the time. There are a million tools for real estate agents out there intended to ‘transform your business’, I remember starting to look for the perfect system and felt a little lost. So, I diligently began to research CRM systems, productivity tools, email providers, web services, cloud storage and so much more.

Even years ago when I started, I recognized the longevity of certain companies and the benefit to my team of not having to switch systems once every few years. So, when I found G-Suite by Google I knew it would be a perfect fit for me and my team.

G-Suite, also called Google for work or google apps, had everything I was looking for in terms of productivity, storage, team communication and email all in one tool at a great price and after years of using it in my real estate business and for my team at real estate b-school it’s still the top tool for real estate agents that I recommend.

Google provides tools intended to help you “create, manage, connect, and access” everything you need all in one easy location.

Watch this week’s b-school inside look to learn more of what I’m teaching my clients about the top tools for real estate agents available today.

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