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Real Estate Marketing Calendar Tips

Written by Lars Hedenborg on December 15, 2017

Creating a marketing calendar is paramount to your ultimate business success.

Over and over again I hear from my clients that it is so hard to maintain relationships with clients after they make a sale, especially when they think about exiting production. By creating a marketing calendar you are not only increasing the consistency with which you are able to reach out to your clients, but you’re able to remove yourself from the process completely.

Why You Should Create a Marketing Calendar

Not only will this contribute to your overall business consistency, but it will hold you and your team accountable to pre-determined deadlines.

A marketing calendar clearly defines your expectations for what should happen each month and outlines clearly who is accountable for completing each element.

As you continue to grow your business this will become increasingly important so that you can take advantage of your SOI, maintain past client relationships and stay top of mind with future clients.

When You Should Schedule Your Marketing Calendar Activities

When tracking your marketing calendar activities the most important part is to assign dates to each activity. This not only maintains clarity but ensures that you are consistently reminding your SOI, past clients, and prospects that you exist.

You should be creating 12 months worth of content on your calendar at any time. This longer-term plan will give you the visibility you need to make sure that these activities are happening systematically and consistently (I recommend at least 2x per month).

What Should You Include in your Marketing Calendar

Any external marketing activity that is created to remind your audience of who you are and what you can do for them should be included as a part of your calendar.

Items you send to each audience might different, but some general activities might include:

  • Direct Mail Items (newsletters, just sold postcards, just listed postcards, testimonials, etc.)
  • Updates about the value of their home
  • Gifts/Giveaways
  • Event Invitations
  • Videos to be sent out

With any type of external marketing, it is always important to remember to uniquely position yourself within your market. Talk specifically to your audience about your unique selling proposition and what makes you the agent they should trust.


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