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Grow Your Real Estate Marketing Database

Written by Lars Hedenborg on December 21, 2017

When it comes to growing your real estate marketing database, it’s important to realize the value that lies within a database. You only need 1,200 – 1,500 contacts to have your first Million Dollar year.

While growing your database can seem like a daunting task…

I have boiled your database growth the 3 essential elements:

#1 Commitment

When you’re trying to grow your database you need to commit to a number. Making your goals measurable will help you define success and hold you accountable.

A great place to start is 5 new contacts per day. You would grow your database by nearly 2,000 in just one short year with that commitment.

#2 Consistency

In addition to consistently prospecting it’s important that you consistently communicate with your database.Through the use of my Million Dollar 60-Touch System, I’ve been able to consistently reach out to my database and incrementally grow my list over the years.

This system is unique because it doesn’t sell my services. I know this may seem counter-intuitive, however by becoming a resource to your list rather than always trying to sell to them will allow you to foster a relationship and keep you top of mind when they need advice.

Pro tip: One of the easiest ways I’ve found to do this is through video. Creating education content for your audience that maybe doesn’t always include those topics, but expands into the community is a great way to build your rapport and authority. I’ve used Vyral Marketing for years and they’ve helped create amazing content that my audience loves.

#3 Patience & Perspective

Anytime you are trying to build an empire, you need to start with the first brick. Don’t be discouraged by a slow and steady drip of new contacts, building your database is all about the long game.

One way I keep my eye on the ball is reviewing my goals less often. You want to continue to track, but I used to get so bogged down when we didn’t hit our daily goal. When I decided to leave daily tracking to my admin and review our numbers on a larger scale (maybe weekly, monthly or even quarterly) I became so much more encouraged with our progress when I change my perspective.


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