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Your Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing & Branding

Written by Lars Hedenborg on January 26, 2018

Over the last ten years, I have managed to build my business based on real estate marketing tactics that enticed my customers to call me instead of the other way around.

Through the last several weeks we have focused on creating a brand people love including how to provide superior customer service, stop cold calling, and build a brand story people love and relate to.

So, this week I thought I would share an ultimate guide to building your brand through proven real estate marketing tactics like brand management, database & referral marketing, and ultimately having clarity around your brand story.

Brand Management

Do you have a presence online? If your answer is yes (and it should be), then it’s important that you make online brand management a part of your real estate marketing strategy.

The number one location for brand management is the number one source for finding anything online: Google. Use google to search for real estate in your city or search for yourself. This will give you insight into who is in your market and what’s being said about you and your business.

Another piece of online brand management to consider is your social proof. Social proof is part of what search engines take into consideration when ranking your business and includes your activity and popularity on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Zillow, Trulia, and

If you use these sites effectively you will be able to build up your reputation through reviews, engagement and social shares.

Zillow, for example, puts a lot of money into getting traffic onto their site. Do an Agent search and make note of how many reviews they have. You should have twice the review your nearest competition has on Zillow. At this time we have 455 reviews on Zillow and it has all come through making good use of our database and has contributed to my team being ranked higher as real estate agents in my area,

Another example is Facebook. Wheather we like it or not, Facebook has authority. You should be posting engaging content there regularly and inspiring conversations. Ask direct questions and create something that your audience needs to interact with. \

Database & Referral Marketing

That leads to our next important aspect of real estate marketing and that is taking full advantage of your database.

Your database is defined as a group of people who know, like and trust you. This group of people has the power to help you build an empire IF you reach out to them on a consistent basis.

In my business, we use a ‘Million Dollar 60 Touch System’ that keeps us top of mind. The content that I started creating 10 years ago is still bringing business through my door. In fact, last year we had 6,000 clients call us asking about buying or selling a home.

Continue to invest in your business by building engaging content around what you know your audience is interested in and feed in new content every day. But be careful not to overcommit, I don’t get involved with any new topic until I have content to be built around it.

Clarity around Brand Story

What is most surprising about my business is that I have managed to grow from the ground up without cold calling. That’s not to say that there wasn’t prospecting or that I have never trained my team on effective cold calling, but I never spent hours a week on the phone talking to strangers to get to where I am today.

I created time and money freedom for myself through having clarity around my brand. I created a brand story that attracted my dream customers to work with me and repelled those clients I always hated.

In March, I will be hosting a one of a kind event where I will be sharing, for the first time ever, my marketing playbook. I’ll share my biggest wins and biggest losses and teach you how to build a brand story script that’s 100% YOU.

By the end of this event you’ll understand how you can:

  • Live a super-charged life full of energy and enthusiasm!
  •  Sell hundreds of millions worth of real estate without cold calling
  •  Create a storytelling script that defines your brand and builds a tribe that remembers and refers you.
  • Develop and execute an actionable marketing plan with tangible goals and measurable ROI!
  •   Engage through content, convert to loyal clients and create raving fans.
  •  Create the business and life of your dreams through the use of The Business Freedom Planner!
  • And so much more!

This event is $300 off until January 31st, so don’t miss your opportunity to attend this one of a kind event so you can achieve one of a kind results in your business!

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