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The Importance of Business Tracking

Written by Lars Hedenborg on October 21, 2017

Have you ever wondered why we talk so much about systems and processes at Real Estate B-School? It’s not the fun flashy side of owning a real estate business and some people just aren’t interested in hearing about it, but we still keep talking about it. There are plenty of reasons, but the most important…


Real Estate Business Planning for Q4

Written by Lars Hedenborg on October 13, 2017

Real estate business planning can seem like a never-ending task considering the need for continuous prospecting. Last week I issued a challenge to you to set your 90-day goals and download our Business Freedom Planner to make a plan to achieve those goals. I walked through step by step how to use the REBS Business Freedom…


Business Freedom Planner Challenge

Written by Lars Hedenborg on October 6, 2017

This past week we held our October Intensive in Colorado Springs and I have to say this week has been one of the most impactful weeks we have ever had at Real Estate B-School. We witnessed agents from around the country show up in a big way and dedicate themselves to making an impact in…


Going Deeper on Seller Acquisition

Written by Lars Hedenborg on October 1, 2017

Last week we introduced you to the fundamental principles of our Seller Client Acquisition System. This week we went even deeper on a few of the most critical components. If you attend 400-500 listing appointments per year, like my team, or even if you’re taking fewer appointments, how can you guarantee that you are taking…


Are your listing systems dialed in?

Written by Lars Hedenborg on September 25, 2017

Some people view just getting listings as the Holy Grail of real estate. However too many real estate agents are not being proactive enough in their business to drive sustainable results. But in order to build a business that helps you build a life by design, it’s important to create a systematic listing side of…


How to convert buyers into raving fan clients

Written by Lars Hedenborg on September 17, 2017

This week at Real Estate B-School was all about living out our mantra, “Go deep, not wide”. Most agents fail to fully implement a step-by-step process for systematically converting buyer prospects into loyal, raving fan clients. In this week’s message, we learned about the Buyer Client Acquisition System and the steps you need to take…


Don’t Miss out on These Bonus Materials

Written by Lars Hedenborg on September 10, 2017

I want to let you in on a bonus that we’re offering as part of your ticket to our upcoming Intensive Workshop in Colorado Springs. Our bonus gift will include tons of great material, including the exact blueprint one of our members used to generate $1.1 million in gross commission income from repeat and referral…


An Inside Perspective on The October 2017 Intensive Workshop

Written by Lars Hedenborg on September 7, 2017

You all know Stacie, our director of coaching and our resident systems and processes guru. But do you know how she got started with the Real Estate B-School Team? The unique thing about Stacie is when she started with Real Estate B-School she was actually a client. She attended our Intensives and went through our…


What Challenges Should You Expect?

Written by Lars Hedenborg on September 3, 2017

While building a systems-driven real estate business, you’ll encounter some inevitable challenges along the way. Luckily you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, and you can always look to those who have already overcome the same set of challenges. Watch this week’s message as I review a few critical moments of the journey of one…


Accelerate Your Real Estate Business Growth

Written by Lars Hedenborg on August 31, 2017

Lars here from Real Estate B-School. I started B-School because when I first started my career in Real Estate I had no idea what I was doing. Through each phase of growing my business I failed and failed again, but I also had some great successes which ultimately brought me to my ultimate phase of…


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