The REBS History

Real Estate B-School (REBS) Founder Lars Hedenborg left his corporate career in March 2007, just before the real estate market was set to shift in a major way. After spending the rest of 2007 hustling for every deal he could, Lars closed 27 sides for just under $7 million worth of real estate. But he was working 70-80 hours per week. After having his first child, Anders, in November 2007, Lars found that there was no other option but to make the real estate venture work. But he knew he couldn’t approach his business like every other agent who focused on selling homes. Lars knew he had to focus on building a business that SOLD homes. And so REBS was born.

In 2008, Lars hired his first administrative staff and was able to sell 45 homes. In 2009, Lars brought on his first buyer agent late in the year and was able to sell 58 homes. Over the next several years Lars was able to increase his sales to over 450 homes in a single year and consistently sells over $100 Million without going to any appointments. Through this growth, Lars has learned to build sustainable systems for every aspect of his business. Those same tools serve as the basis for how REBS serves our clients today. REBS brings real world tools, systems, and strategies to an industry that is broken in many ways