The REBS Navigator

The path to building a leveraged real estate business is known, and has been travelled by Lars Hedenborg himself. Trying to achieve the end goal of absolute time and money freedom is not an easy journey, but having the path gives you the confidence to know that you will be taking the right steps at the right time. During your journey, you will experience time and money challenges, as well as a roller coaster of emotions. Explore the path Lars took to obtain absolute time and money freedom, and learn how you can too! Check out The REBS Navigator™, offered by Real Estate B-School (REBS).

The REBS Navigator™ Gives You The Confidence That You Are On The Right Path & You’re Not Alone

REBS Navigator Graphic
The REBS Navigator™ is a visual real estate training tool. It shows you the journey REBS Founder Lars Hedenborg took to build his self managed real estate business, and it will help you find a starting point for your own business growth ascension. This visual snapshot breaks down the steps of business ownership into four specific paths so you can better understand the challenges that you will face. With the help of REBS, you can implement the tools, systems and strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Learn How to get Started with REBS

The four phases in your business journey are as follows:


In the Survive phase, your business is either taking its first shaky steps, or you have been in the real estate industry for years and have finally decided to build a real business. Either way, you are wearing multiple hats in your roles as producer, manager and entrepreneur. Approximately 80% of real estate agents  never make the transition past the survival stage. It’s a shocking statistic, but failure can be avoided by learning how to build momentum. This is done by focusing on just a handful of key marketing pillars and critical technologies.


In the Build phase, you are ramping up your business and scaling operations, yet you are likely feeling overwhelmed and stressed. If you are fortunate enough to make it into this phase, you may fail to break through to the next level due to a lack of sustainable systems and empowered people. And, ultimately, you may hit a ceiling as stress and uncertainty eat away at your productivity. Now is the time to build on your momentum and keep your business moving forward, and break through the ceiling by utilizing REBS's tools and resources.


In the Inspire phase, you are building significant momentum, and your role shifts to that of a leader. Leadership and influence are learned skills and must be embraced for you to move out of the day-to-day grind and into a higher level role, where you have empowered people running your business. Build on your growing success by implementing the leadership tools and strategies the REBS real estate coaching programs offer.


In the Consult phase, you have finally reached the level where you have absolute time and money freedom - you have become a true business owner. Your main role is to act as an advisor to the business, and you can come and go as you please. Your business is now stable and you can run it from the beach if you want! At this point in your ascension, you now help your team maintain its success by implementing the highest level REBS tools, systems and strategies.

Our comprehensive real estate coaching program will show you the possibilities for growing your real estate business exponentially while decreasing the amount of work you have to put into it. By using the tools, systems and strategies in REBS, you will be able to achieve time and money freedom. Get involved with the best real estate coaching program of its kind. If you are serious about taking charge of your real estate business, you must take the next step and reach out for a complimentary strategy session now.