The REBS Process

The Real Estate B-School (REBS) real estate agent training program was created to get you on the path towards a sustainable real estate business, as well as ultimate time and money freedom. Learn how to be successful in real estate with our proprietary REBS real estate mentoring.

The REBS Navigator™ gave you a visual illustration of the journey you are embarking on, and revealed the obstacles you will need to overcome. The REBS Drivers™ revealed the key business drivers needed to create a "real" real estate business, and a glimpse at The REBS Toolbox™ allowed you to understand how each of these key drivers are implemented using the 35 critical tools. Now you need to put it together so you will have a self-managed real estate business. It’s time to take a look at The REBS Process™.

The REBS Process™ Helps You Build a Sustainable and Leveraged Business

Now that you have seen how this “plug and play” system works, you need to understand how our proprietary tools and systems fit into your business. The REBS Process™ will help move you up the path of business ascension from producer, to manager, and finally to business owner, with the time and money freedom you desire. The REBS Process™ teaches you how to build a “real” real estate business using sustainable systems and empowered people so that you can systematically increase your net worth and time away from the office. The industry’s most extensive real estate agent training available will help you build momentum in your business and leverage yourself to get to the next level, so you are the dominant real estate team in your market.

Learn How to get Started with REBS

A Powerful Process That Produces Powerful Results

The REBS Process™ is a three pronged attack to help guide you along the path to true time and money freedom, so you can create a sustainable business that practically runs itself!

The Plan


The Plan will help you get acclimated to the REBS mission and build momentum in your business as quickly as possible.

The Business Assessment & Quick Start Program.

Your first mission as a REBS member is to dive deep into 8 critical areas of your business so we can find out exactly where you are, where you need to go, and the specific action steps to get you there. We focus on areas such as marketing, technology, financial tracking, buyer processes, listing processes, organizational strategy, tracking & accountability, recruiting and training.

The 90 Day World™

Once you have completed your Business Assessment & Quick Start Program, you now live in The 90 Day World. We will help you determine the 3-5 most important REBS Tools to work on first...we call these Multiplier Projects. So while you may have other items you’re working on, these 3-5 projects are critical to the growth of your business, whether in sales or leverage through systems or people.

Once we have The Plan in place, it’s on to The System, which is the ongoing training to take your business to the next level.

The System


The System is how REBS delivers the ongoing training to help your dreams and goals become a reality. We do this in 3 ways: 1) live weekly training calls, 2) live weekly Lead Conversion Calls and 3) live intensive workshops.

Live Weekly Training Calls

These live calls are 90 minutes long and hosted by REBS Founder Lars Hedenborg. They are in depth and intense and really dig deep to add value to your business...certainly not your average real estate coaching call. Every week you will learn something new that will help propel you along this business ownership path.

Live Weekly Lead Conversion Calls

Twice a week for you and your team. Wednesdays are Buyer Lead Conversion Training and Thursdays are Seller Lead Conversion Training. We are practicing the scripts and dialog s that you need to sell at a high level.

Live Intensive Workshops

These 2 day long workshops are held in Charlotte, NC, in the Spring and Fall each year, and are for REBS clients only. These are topical in nature (team building, sales & marketing, leadership, goal setting) and they are intense. You will leave Charlotte with finished work products - not ideas on what might work in your business - that you will actually implement while you are at the workshop.

The Help


The Help you will need along the way when you get stuck or need support of any kind.

1-1 Accountability Calls

You will have 1-1 accountability calls with your Coach to move your multiplier projects forward. During these calls, you will be able to dig into your specific issues and challenges, and get the help you need to confidently move forward in your business.

Private Client Facebook Group

This is hands down the best online real estate community there is. Everyone has the same focus - building a real business - so there are no shiny objects or squirrels allowed in the group. No wannabes, just business people looking to build something incredible.

Email Support

Some clients email their questions, which is fine. You can expect a 24-48 hour (based on business days) turnaround time on email, so sometimes the Facebook group is a great place to start.

With 1-1 accountability calls, a private Facebook group and email support to lean on if you need help, you should never feel lost or like you are without guidance. REBS is all about results...and we are here to make sure you get them!