The REBS Toolbox™

Actionable steps make a real difference in the real estate industry. You don't want to implement tools, resources or systems that take too long to bring in productive results. You want to move ahead with business growth and strengthen your processes to increase profitability. The REBS Toolbox™ is part of our real estate coaching program. It offers the most advanced tools in the real estate industry, specifically designed to strengthen every aspect of your business operations.

What is in The REBS Toolbox™?

The REBS Toolbox™ contains 35 critical tools that target the key drivers in your operation. These are the drivers that were discussed in The REBS Drivers™ training program;  they are essential for honing business processes and empowering employees to their fullest potential. Successfully manage top producing sales agents and drive higher sales conversion levels to make your business system more sustainable. By mastering the resources available in The REBS Toolbox™, you will build a self-managed real estate business to increase your time and money freedom.

REBS Toolbox GraphicThe REBS Toolbox™ addresses seven key aspects of your real estate business. Delve into every process and hone each component to bring a more cohesive workflow to your operations. The key drivers identified in The REBS Drivers™ real estate online courses are:

  1. Roadmap
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Operations
  5. Finance
  6. People

The REBS Toolbox™ has five actionable steps that will allow you to master each key driver and get your business on the right track toward producing positive sales goals. Our coaching program will show you how to structure your business system so each key driver will successfully manage itself, giving you more time and money freedom.

You will master the following steps when joining REBS real estate training program: