What is Real Estate B-School (REBS)?

Real Estate B-School (REBS) is your gateway to true time and money freedom. REBS Founder Lars Hedenborg gives you the leading real estate industry tools, systems, and strategies to help you build a self managed team. He shares the step-by-step process he followed to build a high performing real estate team that consistently sells over $100M in real estate each year, while working just one day a week!

You will master every aspect of your business so you can create a profitable, sustainable, high performance real estate team. REBS offers dynamic real estate coaching programs that walk you through the process of building a "real" real estate business with an empowered team that manages itself. Implement the REBS system to acquire the time and money freedom you want, so you can move from a producer to a business owner.

The REBS Mission

Top producing real estate agents and teams can work very long hours, but most only see average performance. REBS changes the playing field by offering real estate coaching programs created to enhance your business performance and significantly increase your profitability, and ultimately, your net worth.

The REBS Mission is clear and our real estate training programs are designed:

To help you build a Highly Profitable Business through the use of Sustainable Systems and Empowered People in order to systematically Increase Your Net Worth and Time Away From The Office.

Learn How to Get Started with REBS

Build a Leveraged Real Estate Business

REBS isn’t another generic option among real estate coaching programs - it’s the best option in the industry, with unique advantages no one else can offer. REBS training will walk you through streamlining your operations, mapping out your journey to reach the ultimate business success, and identifying the potential pitfalls so you can take the actionable steps needed to create sustainable and profitable business growth. Our real estate coaching programs and methodology are best explained as follows: