Why REBS Works?

Real Estate B-School (REBS) was born out of necessity. REBS Founder Lars Hedenborg started his real estate team in 2008 amidst the worst housing crisis that the US has ever seen. In order to survive a sluggish Charlotte NC real estate market, Lars was forced to create the systems necessary to run a sustainable business. These same systems that Lars used to grow his real estate team now form the backbone of what is now known as The REBS Toolbox™.


REBS is based on real systems used in the real world by real people. There is no fluff, just tools and systems that work. Instead of providing shiny objects that distract our clients, and “squirrels” for them to chase, REBS provides the most powerful tools and systems in the real estate industry. It is the most comprehensive set of “plug and play” tools and systems available in any of the best real estate coaching programs in the industry.

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